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Lydali is excited to introduce Jinger Jack, an emerging leather goods company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded by South African born Claire van Turenhout, Jinger Jack employs a team of local women to produce a line of modern leather bags and accessories. The Jinger Jack workshop employs women artisans with many years of leather work experience who are part of the creative process.
Because of the high level of skill required in leather production, these workers can expect higher wages than apparel workers, but with South Africa’s rampant unemployment, hovering around 30%, these workers are chronically unemployed or underemployed (not being able to find leather work). With Jinger Jack they find sustainable work and good working conditions.
The leathers used in Jinger Jack’s line are mostly sourced locally, some are imported, and all are of a very high quality. Jinger Jack’s leather is naturally treated, which allows it to age and soften over time, developing a rich patina as it is used. Jinger Jack brings two worlds together by combining century old leather craft principles with laser cutting technology.
Claire’s love of color, form, and fashion lead her to launch Jinger Jack in July 2012. The collection launched as a small range of belts and from there gradually expanded to other small leather items, like the clutch Lydali is featuring, and larger bags. Claire defines her style as a combination of classic lines combined with joyful details, resulting in an eclectic mixture that can be worn with anything.
Shop the Long Street Wristlet, Lydali's newest clutch from Jinger Jack, here.

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