What is Drusy?

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Drusy stones may remind some people of stardust, but these rocks are formed through pure science – not magic.

An increasingly popular jewelry stone, the drusy equation involves a rock, water, minerals, and millions of years. When water hits a rock’s surface or flows into its hollow nooks, the liquid eventually evaporates, leaving its minerals behind to cool, crystalize, and create drusy – a layer of shimmering crystals nestled in a rock’s craters and cavities.

Drusy comes in a variety of colors, depending on both the types of minerals involved and the type of rock on which it forms. The stone is also sometimes believed to have the ability to strengthen a spirit and calm its wearer. DrusyEarrings
While drusy can be found around the world, here at Lydali, we get the drusy jewelry in our store from Nativa Gems, a South American company that employs artisans in southern Brazil. Nativa and its artisans produce and export the earrings and rings we carry directly from mining camps and factories in the lakeside town of Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

The agate drusy earrings are currently available in purple, pink, green, white, and blue, all framed in 18-karat gold plating. No two pairs are exactly alike, but every earring glitters like a cluster of sugar crystals.

From a rock in Brazil to your jewelry box, drusy stones catch the light and the eye.
Find all of our items from Nativa Gems here! What’s your favorite color?

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