Travel Blogger Series: Amberley of Autumn's Closet

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Amberley is a blogger and personal stylist living in the outskirts of London, and we're thrilled to have her sharing her travel adventures with us today. 

What's your hometown? My hometown is London, United Kingdom, but at the moment I live in Surrey, which is on the outskirts of London.

What's the last trip you've taken, and what's the next place on your itinerary? The last trip I went on was to Pathos in Cypress. It was a beautiful holiday. Cypress is an incredible country. My next trip will be to the beautiful West Indies. Jamaica, to be exact. This is where my family originates from.

What's a place you want to go back to again and again? I absolutely adored Egypt, Milan, Paris, Jamaica, Germany, Canada, The USA…there are many countries that I have visited that I would love to return to. What captures me about each country is the culture. However, there are still many countries that I have not yet seen.

What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels? I savor the memories and experiences from my travels. However, I have an Alabaster Nefertiti ornament that I particularly like from Egypt.

If you could visit one country Lydali works in, which country would it be? I would love to visit Tanzania.

What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip? Lydali has some amazing handcrafted accessories. I have a thing for wood at the moment so I would definitely take the Bembea Wooden Ring. The Husk Triangles scarf to keep me warm on cool exotic evenings. The Taupe Diamante Tote to stow away any newfound treasures. To adorn my  arms I would chose the Beaten Brass Cuff.


Thanks so much, Amberley, for sharing your stories and photos with us. Follow along with Amber's blog, Autumn's Closet, or keep up with her on Twitter or Facebook

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