Travel Blogger Series: Julia David of Aboyeur

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We're excited to have Julia David, the lovely Brazilian-turned-Swiss blogger behind Aboyeur, sharing with us on the blog today. 


What's your home town?

I was born in Juiz de Fora in Brasil but my heart home town is Rio de Janeiro!
Where do you live now?
I live now in Switzerland in Montreux. It's a little city that has a lot of interesting events during the year. My favorite is the annual Jazz Festival which take place during the Summer near the lake of Geneva! And not to mention the wonderful landscapes! 
What's the last trip you've taken?
The last trip I've taken is New York. It was the first time I was there and I was really amazed by the multiculturalism of this city! It's crazy how I felt like home very fast in  New York. I wish to come back very soon! I also had a short trip to London during last Fashion Week. I really like being there. There is a lot of interesting people and their culture is very open to creative innovation. I am crazy about this positive and free dynamism. 
What's the next trip on your itinerary?
I would love to go to Japan (especially during Spring for the flowers!) but for now I am planning a short trip to Milan and maybe to Capri! Love enjoying the Mediterranean sea during summer holidays! But nothing sure. I always book my trips at last minute!
What's a place you want to go back to again and again?
I would say Brazil. I like going back to enjoy some time with family! 
There is also so many little amazing places to visit in Brazil like Parati which is a colonial style old city near the ocean. The mood is a bit rural and very near the nature but at the same time there is a lot of little shops with artisan pieces. 
What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels? 
I like bringing back things that no one else would own. Nothing better than feeling you found a little treasure
My ever favorite piece is an original 60's vintage necklace I found in a little shop in Barcelona. It's a chunky chain plastic necklace that goes perfectly with 90's inspired outfits.  
If you could visit one country Lydali works in, which country would it be?
It would definitely be South Africa! I feel there is real talents there regarding fashion. A new  interesting and emerging vision. 
What are your travel essentials?
A super hydrating cream as the classic Nivea. Some flats but edgy shoes to walk for miles and miles. (nothing better than visiting a city by foot!) and an easy dress that can turn from day to night adding some heels.
What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip?
I really like the Manzini Fabric Necklace. First of all because I love statement accessories. But also because that's a bold way to enhance the simple outfit you have in your luggage! I would wear it with a bright colored dress with kind of geometric shoulders.
Thanks so much, Julia, for sharing with us! To keep up with Julia's travels and style, follow her blog or keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook


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