Travel Blogger Series: Bernadeth Gutierrez of Miss Beatrix

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We're thrilled to have Miss Bernadeth Gutierrez from the blog Miss Beatrix on the blog today, sharing some great photos and travel stories. 

What's your hometown? My hometown is in Cavite located in the very beautiful country in Asia, where summer exists for almost a year… the Philippines. It’s also the place where I grew up! If you’d ask me, it’s not really the central part of my country but nonetheless, the unique sights is the reason why I love exploring and travelling a lot. 

Where do you live now? I am currently living in the central part of London, England (just near the famous Abbey road!) for the next two months because of my internship as well as to roam around the city and eat a lot of fish and chips hahaha! I am currently in love living in this city where boredom doesn’t even exist because of the shops in Oxford Street (shopaholic right here!). 

What's the last trip you've taken? Apart from the airplane trip to get here in London (I don’t think that counts because I’m still here hahaha)… the last trip I’ve taken was last September 2012 where I went to Hongkong and Shenzhen, China for 3 days. 

What's the next trip on your itinerary? Hopefully, the war between North and South Korea will not happen because South Korea is definitely the next trip on my itinerary! I’ve always liked the Korean culture and all the K-pop idea so I would really love to visit their country very soon, eat bibimbap all day long and even wear Hanbok. 

What's a place you want to go back to again and again? Fell in love with the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada… it’s probably the place where I want to go back again and again because I can wear what I want, eat their foods (I have a problem with eating unique foods hahaha), pose, shop at Goodwill just a few blocks away where we stayed and take photos everyday or even ride the MTR alone… definitely my perfect travel escapade! 

What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels? The favorite thing that I brought back from my travel was an organizer that I made when I was here in the UK… it definitely bring back so many memories from my first trip here because I listed all the places we’ve been to everyday from the parks up until the day I chose to see Paris Hilton over picking up my dad at the airport. Little things like this are very important to me!

If you could visit one country Lydali works in, which country would it be? Although I live in Asia, I haven’t really travelled a lot there so I think Indonesia seems like a very lovely place to unwind and explore the different temples so, I would love to visit it soon and learn a bit of their culture.

What are your travel essentials? My travel essentials includes my camera and my lenses, of course to take some blog photos, phone for Instagram photos, surfing the net and playing music… earphones so that I can fall asleep easily and never get bored when travelling, super cute sunnies to hide away my eyebags and also serves as an accessory to complete my look, eyeliners a.k.a. the only makeup I wear, a book of where I’m going and a Fujifilm Instax 7S for instant photos.  

What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip?I always like to try out different looks when I travel and I think the Hand Hammered Bombshell Bangle is just the perfect statement accessory for a carefree look this spring or even in a maxi dress at the beach once I’m back in the Philippines. It’s such a classy accessory to have!

Thanks so much, Bernadeth, for sharing your lovely photos and stories with us! To keep up with Bernadeth's adventures in London, follow her blog, Miss Beatrix, or follow along on Twitter

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