Travel Blogger Series: Naomi of The Occasional Indulgence

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We're excited to have Naomi from The Occasional Indulgence on the blog today, sharing her travel stories and photos from all over the US.

What's your home town?
I was born in St. Clair, MI, but I spent most of my life in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Where do you live now?
Harrisburg, PA

What's the last trip you've taken?
I frequently visit my younger sister in New York City, and occasionally get time to visit other family in Michigan. The most recent trip other than those, I flew to Los Angeles to meet my twin nephews and stayed with my grandparents in Sacramento.

What's the next trip on your itinerary?
Aside from going to NY again next weekend, my husband and I are hoping to visit England this summer! It will be exciting because I've never been out of the US (except that one drive through a corner of Canada, but that doesn't count!)

What's a place you want to go back to again and again?
I love California for the citrus trees! I always wanted to have my own lemon, lime, and orange trees but the climate in PA won't allow it. I also love New York. The shows, the food, the architecture, shopping... They have the best vintage shops!

What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels?
My favorite item is probably my onyx cocktail ring that I picked up at a consignment shop in Sacramento. I wear it all the time and it makes me remember my time there. That and my leather flower hair clip from Manhatten. I am always on the look out for neat jewelry that I feel represents the place I'm visiting. I also like little boxes or bottles. Usually whatever I bring back has to fit in my carry on luggage. I am paranoid about placing things in my checked bags that they might get smashed. On one trip to Cali, I brought home some wine glasses my Aunt gave me and in order to pack them in my checked bag, I put a lemon fruit in each one. The one that broke was the only one without a lemon!

If you could visit one country Lydali works in, which country would it be?
Oh Brazil! I am enchanted by South America and it helps that my husband speaks Spanish. I heard somewhere that Brazillian women are the most beautiful in the world, I'd like to see if it's true. :)

What are your travel essentials?
A large scarf for the plane that doubles as a blanket for when I get cold inflight, and then doubles as a sarong for the beach! I always have my camera at the ready, and comfortable shoes are a must. I like to explore by walking.

What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip?
The Virachey Foldover Tote would be nice for carrying with my everywhere. It looks like it could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I'd use the Summer Stripe scarf as my go to shawl/blanket/sarong/picnic blanket! I'm all about finding things with multiple uses. And of course, I don't like to bring too much jewelry when I go on trips, so the White Agate Druzy earrings would be a good everyday set to wear.
Thanks so much, Naomi, for sharing your stories and photos with us. We're excited to continue following along through your blog

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