Travel Blogger Series: Christina Pippin of Finny & Dill

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We're thrilled to welcome Christina Pippin of Finny & Dill to our blog. Christina writes all about ethical fashion and sustainable design, and we're excited to share her travel stories with you. 

What's your home town? 

I was born in Texas and grew up in lovely Downers Grove, Illinois. Maybe it was the water in Downers Grove, but all of the gals + guys I met as a youth are the sweetest, funniest and most genuine people a girl could hope to call her friends. 

Where do you live now? 
Currently I call Chicago home, but I have a peripatetic heart and an active imagination so I spend a lot of time imagining living in sun-drenched, far-flung locales {especially during our blustery winters}.
What's the last trip you've taken? 
I celebrated my birthday with a friend in New York. It was a madcap trip! We packed as much as humanly possible into one fun-filled weekend including a Broadway play starring Robin Williams, a trip to the iconic Statue of Liberty, shopping for out-of-print books at The Strand, a hike through Central Park and dinner at the Warldorf where we had a waiter named Happy {true story}. We were running on pure adrenaline for three days straight!
What's the next trip on your itinerary? 
I can't get Africa + Sri Lanka out of my mind. I'm planning a trip to Rwanda in Africa at the end of this year with Suzette Munson of Love41. So much beauty in one place, I can hardly wait. 
What's a place you want to go back to again and again? 
Paris, France. Also, Chambery is a hidden gem in the south of France. My best friend and I missed our train ride out of France and into Spain {where we were due to catch our flight back to the US in less than 48 hours}, so we made our way to a small town that happened to be one of the most charming + quaint places a traveler could hope to discover. I love how everything always works itself out in life. 
What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels? 
memories + a one-of-a-kind, magical spoon from Italy {you'll have to visit my blog to find out why it's so special!}
If you could visit one country Lydali works in, which country would it be? 
I would love to explore the colors and culture of Kenya as well as meet the talented artisans who produce such beautiful wares!
What are your travel essentials? 
a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, a lightweight, gauzy scarf for mercurial weather, a comfy pair of walking shoes {ballet flats from OlsenHaus are comfy + made out of recycled televisions}, all-natural lip balm from TruBee Honey {I really can't live without this product} and organic/vegan moisturizer from Juice Beauty.

What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip? 

I never leave home without a scarf; I am coveting the cotton sage triangle scarf with its fun, fresh geometric pattern. I love to stay organized, and being a writer and artist, I'm always looking for cute accessory bags/clutches to bring order to my mammoth handbag and harmonize my many notebooks, sketchpads, pencils and photography equipment. I love the handmade tangerine clutch, the blue digital clutch and the blue gradient clutch from Guatemala; I'm pretty sure I need all three! I've had a long, ongoing love affair with Druzy, so the Drusy earrings are a must-have. Every girl should have a pair of simple, chic studs like these.

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