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Posted on May 14, 2013 by Ali Price | 2 Comments

Over the weekend, I took a whirlwind four day trip to Guatemala for a few relaxing days and a little bit of work. We went to Lake Atitlan first, and spent a few days at the lake hanging out, exploring the little towns around the lake (and the crazy mountain roads that led to those towns), and meeting some of the local artisans and exploring their crafts.

The view from right outside where we stayed.

On a boat from Santa Cruz la laguna to Panajachel. Almost all the local women dressed in absolutely gorgeous traditional Mayan dress, and I couldn't get enough of it! (Behind her is one of the mountain roads I mentioned above that we nerve-wrackingly drove through.)

This is Liliana, who runs a little stand selling products that her husband makes. A few of their products will be available on Lydali soon!

A view of the lake, on a bit of a cloudy day.

After Lake Atitlan, we went to Antigua, but we stopped off in Chimaltenango at an association of local artisans. Above is Victor, a super talented weaver we got to meet. He's holding a purse that he created the textiles for.

Victor at work on his wooden loom. This was truly incredible to witness! 

I didn't take too many pictures in Antigua, but it was a charming town, and this shot gives you a sense of what it looked like. 

There was so much pattern on pattern on pattern, everywhere I looked! I just love the intricate weaving and embroidery I saw. This trip was just a quick taste of the charm of Guatemala, and I hope to go back soon!

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teryll hopper
teryll hopper

May 14, 2013

Thanks for sharing your trip! I agree that Guatemala has some incredible artisans.

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