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The Philippines is home to some of the most vibrant coral reefs and pristine ocean waters. We meet with surfer girl Daphne at Daphne Benosa, a master's student of European literature in Diliman who catalogues her daily life in Metro Manila and all the cute outfits that go with it! She's got loads of cool Philippine island getaways to tell us about and some great ideas for your next summer trip!

1. What's your hometown?
I grew up in the countryside, in a small province called Camarines Sur in South Luzon, Philippines.
2. Where do you live now? 
I am living in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where I'm currently working and studying for my master's degree.
3. What's the last trip you've taken? 
A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went on a trip to north of the Philippines. I haven't been to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. I only saw the place through text books when I was a kid so I told myself that when I'm much more capable to travel, I'd go there. And I did. Vigan is a really nice place when you're into ancient stuff. It's one of the few places in my country which preserved colonial houses and streets, so it's really wonderful.
4. What's the next trip on your itinerary?
I'd love to travel outside the country but not until I'm done checking out the beautiful places my own country has to offer. I love learning about history so I'm thinking of going to Corregidor Island for my next trip. It's a small island near the entrance of Manila Bay. It used to be fortress to prevent war enemies from entering Manila. Even just the thought of seeing remnants of the fortress excites me.
5. What's a place you'd like to go back to again and again? 
Recently, I gained interest in skimboarding and surfing, so whenever I travel (most of the time with my partner), I visit the ocean. It's the only place where I can relax, sit, and think about nothing.
6. What's your favorite thing you've brought back from your travels?
Memories. I'm not the type of traveler who always buys souvenirs. When I travel, I try to learn and understand the place's culture. I guess, apart from enjoying, traveling is all about learning about other people's cultures.
7. If you could visit one country which country would it be? 
I'd go to United Kingdom and immerse myself in English history! I'm studying Anglo-American Literature and most of my courses discuss English literature and history and it would be great if I get to go England. I am deeply interested in the monarchy as well.
8. What are your travel essentials? 
I always make sure I have my sunblock and bikinis with me, and a few accessories as well. 

9. What Lydali items would you want to pack for your next trip? 

I'd like to bring one of those Multicolored Fulani Tote and Colorblock Clutch for my travel essentials. I pack a lot so I need a nice tote bag. As for accessories, I think the Wood and Leather Bangles and Persimmon Woven Chain Necklace would look great on me (or anyone) too! :)

Thanks, Daphne for talking with us about all the cool island hopping in the Philippines! The stories behind each of the places you've visited make us want to visit now! Wanna learn more about Daphne? Check out her blogtwitter, and instagram. She also has a sweet video diary of her trip up to the Northern Philippines.

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Thank you so much for the feature! I had a great time answering your questions. :)

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