Have a colorful weekend!

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When you don't see us, you can probably bet that Lydia and I will be hanging out in chairs in my living room like this (except with laptops in front of us, and probably looking a little less put together), working on Lydali. This weekend, we'll be going to dinner with friends, then Lydia is taking a trip down the coast to Monterrey, and I'll be hanging here in the (hopefully beautiful) San Francisco weather. Whatever you're doing, enjoy! Here are a few of our favorite posts from around the web this week:

Lydia: How pretty are these Moroccan rag rugs

Ali: I'm loving on these patterned spring heels.

Lydia: The secret recipe of the most delicious pancakes from one of our favorite SF brunch spots.

Ali: Do you recognize anyone in the cover picture of Warby Parker's photos section?

Lydia: A funny and true picture of how San Francisco really looks, most of the time.

Ali: My new favorite blogger, Justina, pointed me to an awesome site that I'd somehow never heard of, Plumo.

Photo of us by our friend Liz Daly. Thanks, Liz! 

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