Wanderlust Wednesday: Tanzania

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Image via Lydali on Pinterest

Tanzania is one of the oldest known inhabited areas on Earth. Archeologists have discovered human fossil remains dating back two million years. But this East African country is not just rich in history--it is also diverse in landscape and things to see and do!

Image via Lydali on Pinterest

Tanzania is made up of six regions, including the central grassland plateau, the mountainous Northeast (home of Kilimanjaro), and the coastal island of Zanzibar, creating something for every kind of traveler. Visitors can go on one of the many safaris, scuba dive, or even visit some of the best Stone Age sites in the world.

Chevron (left) and Bembea (right) Wooden Rings available in Coconut Wood, Blackwood, and Sandalwood. For each ring purchased, a tree is planted in Tanzania.

You can keep a little piece of Tanzania for yourself with one of these unique rings by Nyumbani Design, who collaborates with Tanzanian woodworkers to provide locally sourced jewelry.

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