Wanderlust Wednesday: Quito

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Nestled between two mountain ranges is Ecuador’s Capital of Quito, which was built upon Incan city ruins.

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Quito is a must-visit because of the city’s unique way of life. Where else can you find indigenous culture nestled against high rises and modern culture all in one city? Quito is split between the ‘old town’ and ‘new town.’ The old city is filled with a vibrant working class. Stray dogs wander and musicians play in the streets.

But all it takes is a twenty-minute walk and you will find yourself in ‘new town,’ surrounded by hotels and high rises. You can hang out in one of the many trendy cafes or visit the grand government buildings.

Just outside of Quito is one of our producers, Shupaca, who strive to support the economic advancement of the artisans they work with. Shupaca produces alpaca products created from loom methods that have practiced for hundreds of years. This cozy Cream Striped Alpaca throw is the perfect representation of the rich Ecuadorian culture for your home!

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