Scenes of Summer

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Sure--spring, fall, and winter are great. But there's just something about summer that sets our hearts ablaze. Is it the warmer weather? The longer days? The gorgeous sunsets? Whatever it is, today we're sharing some Lydali pieces that befit our most beloved season.




You don't have to live near the coast to dust off that bikini and catch some rays. Got a lake? A pool? Sprinklers? That'll do. Our leather-trimmed Comalapa Tote is just the right size for holding everything you need for some fun-in-the-sun.



Summer nights don't ask for much. Grab a drink at twilight with just your Tribal Wool Clutch and a stack of baubles (clockwise from top left: Gilt Disc Earrings, Bull Skull Ring, Zenu Bracelet, and Studded Leather Bracelet). Opt for the Maroon Diamante Scarf instead of a jacket. 



Hit the open road with just the clothes on your back (well, maybe one outfit change) and a playlist of your favorite tunes. The Red Graph Tote is the perfect carry-all for a weekend of unexpected adventures. 

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