Blue is the warmest color

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Out of the blue, blue in the face, once in a blue moon... It's no surprise that this luscious hue has inspired so many metaphors. A truly versatile color that looks good on everyone, blue can evoke a subtle, composed feel one minute and make a wild statement the next. It's also the color of some of our favorite things (the sky, the sea, indigo dye, lapis lazuli, blue jeans--we could go on). As an ode to the coolest color of the rainbow, we're taking a look at Lydali pieces that are truly true blue.


Izmir earrings feature faceted semi-precious stones in a deep indigo. Available in Indigo and Magenta

The Blue Gradient Clutch is woven from 100% cotton and adorned with a contrasting tassel.

Locally-sourced wool and natural dyes make up the Tribal Wool Clutch, available in two turquoise styles.


The mudcloth Polka Dot Pencil Case comes in a deep navy (dyed with local indigo) or a soft grey.


Crafted out of ultra-soft leather and hand-woven Fulani textiles from Mauritania, the Powder Blue Assiata Clutch is sure to impress.


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