Wanderlust Wednesday: South Africa

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Where in the world can you find vast stretches of savannah, vibrant fields of wildflowers, sticky wetlands, and nearly 2,000 miles of golden coastline all in one country? Did we mention lions, rhinos, leopards, hippopotamuses and penguins? Okay, pop quiz is over--it's none other than South Africa.



Images via Lydali on Pinterest

With all that diversity, it's no wonder why South Africa is at the top of so many travelers' bucket lists. 


Images via Lydali on Pinterest

Even if you don't have a trip to South Africa planned, you can still take home a little piece of this incredible country.


Silver Drop Earrings (left) and Gilt Disc Earrings (right) forged by a jeweler in South Africa who employs local artisans.


Jacaranda Colorblocked Spoons carved from locally-sourced wood and painted with a splash of color. Available in small and large sizes.


Minimal yet organic, the Long Street Wristlet is available with brown or mint leather accents.



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