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We're just going to come out and say it: everyone needs a good clutch or two. An effortless way to spice up an outfit without any serious commitment, clutches are also perfect for all your odds and ends when tucked into a larger bag.



Our clutches are some of our most popular pieces season after season. Each pouch or wristlet showcases the time-honored craftsmanship of talented artisans from the dusty mountains of Oaxaca to the arid plains of West Africa. Check them out below.


Richly-hued Tribal Wool Clutches are handwoven in Teotitlán, Mexico with naturally-dyed wool.


The Long Street Wristlet (available with mint or brown accents) is made from sturdy, locally-sourced leather in Cape Town, South Africa.


Constructed with vintage cotton textiles woven by hand on rugged tree looms, Fulani Pouches are a stylish tribute to the master craftsmanship of Mauritania's Fulani tribe. Choose between three sizes in black and orange.  


Featuring one of our favorite summer palettes, this Colorblock Clutch is crafted from upcycled and traditional materials by low-income artisans in the Philippines.   


Next time you're out on the town, why not carry a story under your arm? In the name of a more mindful global economy, we say: go on, get your clutch on.

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