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In a humble workshop in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, you’ll find Angela Inglish, founder of Good Glass, and her team of eight employees. Good Glass, a remarkable social enterprise that upcycles glass bottles found discarded in the streets of Uganda, has already saved more than seven tons of glass from landing in Uganda’s overflowing landfills, transforming it into the chic, eco-friendly home goods that you'll see on Lydali.As one of the poorest nations in the world, with many living on less than $1.25 a day, Uganda’s lack of a formal recycling program has left the streets littered with empty containers, cans and bottles. In 2012, Angela recognized this problem, and determined to find a simple, sustainable way to both create jobs for Ugandans suffering from unemployment, and help clean up the streets of a beautiful and deserving country. After taking a year to collect resources and purchase the needed machinery, Good Glass was well on its way to becoming as a leader in the field of international, eco-friendly upcycling.

Today, Good Glass has had great success in taking one man’s garbage and transforming it into everything from stylish kitchen glassware to wind chimes and salt and pepper pinchers, all while providing fair wages and job opportunities for locals. Good Glass employees who have struggled in the past to support themselves and their children are able now able to pay for school fees and medical bills without the fear of a volatile job or unfair wages. On top of earning a reliable income, Good Glass employees are learning a marketable trade, learning to create unique home goods that are both modern and eco-friendly.

The goodness hardly stops with the glass, as the enterprise is constantly looking for new, recyclable materials to use for fresh and innovative products. Although they already utilize corks to make bulletin boards, and cardboard boxes to repackage their items, the enterprise is still working hard to dream up chic designs that incorporate other recyclable materials and would allow them to make an even greater impact!

To see new designs and products from Good Glass, visit their producer page on Lydali.

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